Baxter, beloved studio dog

Baxter is the sweetest chocolate lab you may ever meet. He just turned 12 in January of 2019, but don’t let his age or grey muzzle fool you. He will still bound over to you when you walk into our studio and greet you with a tail that won’t quit. Baxter has never met a stranger, and will make sure you know you have a friend the second you walk into City Barre.

Baxter goes by a million different names— Bubba dog, Bubba, boo-boo, sugar bear, brown dog, sweet boy—to name a few

Baxter loves his mama, and will lay for hours under her desk in her office while she’s on the computer, although he has a bed in the corner just a few feet away. He still hasn’t figured out that every time a mat is put down it is not for him to lay on, but once he looks at you with those eyes it’s hard not to allow it. No big surprise that Baxter is motivated by treats (but who isn’t?), and he may make you rub his belly for a minute or two before allowing you to walk away.

We’re so lucky to have a space where we can have this special soul around regularly. Expect to see him more when the weather is nice and the garage doors are open!