Melissa H

Melissa has always been incredibly active—playing soccer in high school, while also shaking it with her high school's dance team. Since then, she has taken numerous exercise classes and completed a half marathon and numerous other races. Melissa started taking barre classes three years ago, and as she tried to hold a pose with one leg raised for what felt like eternity, her standing leg couldn't stop shaking and she thought, "is this for me? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?" Fast-forward three years, and she is addicted to barre. 

I love how the classes force me to focus on my breath and my body, as opposed to the normally swirling thoughts inside my brain

Melissa holds a stressful, demanding job working as an investigative TV reporter for a local news station. Barre has helped train her to breathe through the daily stresses of work and life, just like she breathes through those final, painful 10 counts in barre. Melissa also loves the way barre has changed her body and lifted her favorite body part: her booty. Now Melissa can't wait to share her enthusiasm for barre with you in the City she loves!


rapid fire with Melissa:

beer or wine?  kir royale (she's a diva)
Instagram or Pinterest?  Instagram
early bird or night owl?  night owl
thigh shake or booty burn?  booty burn! love that booty!
suburbs or city?  CITY!