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Lauren M

Lauren is native Texan who started dancing at a young age and continued through her high school years (yes, she was a member of her HS dance team… think high-kicks and Friday Night Lights!). That said, she fell in love with barre the moment she took her first class back in 2012 and quickly began teaching at studios in DC and NYC after that. She loves the mind-body connection barre challenges you to find while building grounding and functional strength. Lauren’s favorite part of teaching is helping her clients find that “challenge zone” past a point of what they thought they were capable of.

barre is the only thing that has gotten close to the thrill of Friday night cheering for Texas football!


When Lauren is not at the barre, she loves spending time with her pup Miles, drinking wine with friends and family, experimenting in the kitchen and exploring all that Richmond has to offer! She has always had a balanced and realistic approach to fitness, health and wellbeing and truly believes you can (and should) enjoy anything and everything you want in moderation, of course! After moving to Richmond a couple years ago, she hoped she’d teach again/couldn’t wait to find a studio to call her own and City Barre is just that place!!


rapid fire with Lauren:

beer or wine?  vino!
pink or red?  love pink, but wear red!
early bird or night owl?  night owl
sunrise or sunset?  sunrise
suburbs or city?  CITY!