Katie S

Katie took her first dance class at three years old. She cried the entire time and was told “cry babies aren’t allowed”, diverting her from anything like that for years to come. She instead played softball throughout middle and high school, and was very into spin classes after college.  While that was a great outlet and workout, she never felt fully satisfied with her results. About four years ago she was convinced to try a barre class. Quite opposite to her early dance experience, she enjoyed barre more than any other exercise and still looks forward to that workout more than any other.  Being in the barre studio is where Katie can truly unplug from the world and feel challenged every time. She loves how different each class is and how each class pushes her to do more than the last.

I find myself sharing my love for barre all the time, and encouraging others to ‘just try it once’. Watching the transformation of my body since starting barre, both physically and mentally, has been worth every single shaking muscle and final 10!

When Katie is not at the barre, she is an Account Manager for EAB where she helps colleges and universities with their enrollment goals. In her downtime, Katie loves to travel, and she can be found at happy hour on a patio with friends and her yellow lab, Millie.


rapid fire with Katie:

pie or cake?  pie!
text or talk?  text
pushups or planks?  planks (with some downdog mixed in)
cheese or pepperoni?  pepperoni
suburbs or city?  City