Hannah H

Hannah was raised on the ice. At 2 years old she put on her first pair of figure skates. Over the years she grew to love the challenge and uniqueness of the sport and began competing all over the east coast. To strengthen her technique of skating, she enrolled in ballet classes. Between figure skating and ballet, she quickly learned the importance of having straight legs and pointed toes - something that has helped with her barre technique.

The only downside to becoming an instructor is I will no longer be allowed to compete in studio challenges! I do look forward to pushing our clients to be their best every time I teach.

Hannah came to her first ever barre class at City Barre, shortly after the studio opened. She was instantly hooked, sometimes going to 2 classes a day. In her eyes, barre is the perfect combination of all of the best parts of figure skating and ballet - fun, challenging, and in community of strong women. She wants to help other women fall in love with everything barre has to offer. 

Last fall, Hannah’s boyfriend Alec gave her the best birthday surprise ever with a golden retriever puppy named Tut. When she isn’t at the studio, Hannah, Alec, and Tut are taking on the breweries around the city.


rapid fire with Hannah:

gold or silver?  gold
text or talk?  talk
early bird or night owl?  early bird
Bravo or HGTV?  Chip + Jojo 4life
suburbs or city?  City