Gretchen S, owner

Growing up Gretchen was never a dancer, didn't play sports, and wasn't particularly athletic. She was a shy kid who was usually too scared to get involved with any organized activities. In high school she became more comfortable in her skin and also got really into running. Gretchen loved the time to herself to clear her head and jam out to her music. For years all she did was log miles, which ended up leading to an injury that forced her to seek out other forms of exercise. Although she had never been interested in group exercise, a dear friend of Gretchen’s finally convinced her to try barre, and it opened her up to a whole new world. 

I am thrilled to be creating a beautiful space in the Scott’s Addition community to continue to build strong relationships and strong bodies

Not only did Gretchen love the physical challenge that barre brought but she loved the community of motivational women she was introduced to. From then on she made barre a priority in her fitness routine, and just continued to fall in love with everything about it. When Gretchen was asked to teach she reverted to her middle school fears thinking she could never try to lead a group of such strong women! What she learned was how supportive and encouraging they really were, and it made her want to give back to them. Gretchen has been teaching for over 5 years, and jumped on the opportunity to extend her vibe and reach into the city. She had zero hesitation of quitting her corporate life and plunging into the full time barre world, and every moment since opening the doors of City Barre has done nothing but validate that!


quick fire with Gretchen:

beer or wine?  wine
pushups or planks?  planks
early bird or night owl?  both
sweet or salty? sweet
suburbs or city?  no contest. City.