Brianna P

Bri is from an Air Force family and moved all over the country when she was little. She danced from the age of 3 until she was a teenager, when she got into cheerleading. Bri lived in Virginia during high school, but moved to Colorado for college.  Although she loved it out west, she always thought of VA as home, so after school she moved back to the area. Bri was introduced to barre over 5 years ago, and after a few years decided to get into teaching. Barre brought her back to her dance roots and it soon became the only fitness routine she has ever truly loved.

growing up I did tap and jazz and always had super amazing costumes (think 90’s leotards with fringe). I loved the loud music and the team feeling, and I love that barre incorporates those elements

Bri loves how barre makes her focus on what her body is doing at that moment, and loves leading others through that challenge too. She enjoys empowering her clients to help them really understand what muscles they are working and push their bodies further than they thought they could. Bri and her husband own a screen printing business, and prints most of City Barre's glam tanks (of course!). They have an adorable 2 year old boy and a sweet, wiggly English bulldog. Bri loves to garden, enjoys the beach, and loves to explore all the new things the city has to offer.   


rapid fire with Bri:

beer or wine?  wine!
planks or pushups?  pushups
ponytail or hair down?  ponytail
cake or pie?  cookies all the way!
suburbs or city?  CITY!!!