client testimonials

You and City Barre have kinda changed my life! I look forward to every chance I get to step into your fabulous studio and challenge myself! I have definitely noticed a change in my bod, and my mental ability to push myself past my edge (didn’t even know that was possible). Thank you for instilling in me the mental capacity to say “YES YOU CAN” and to make such wonderful friendships with such wonderful girls - I LOVE being a City Barre babe!
— Emily V, March 2019

My experience even after only attending one class made signing up for a membership easy. Thank you for creating a studio environment that is so welcoming and fun!
— Tammy B, September 2019

The layout and vibe of the studio is so classy, feminine and cool. The challenge and pace of the class makes it go by fast but also leaves me feeling like I accomplished something - which is always good! It’s all so good!
— Hanson M, September 2018

Never in my life have I enjoyed exercise, NEVER. But I have found SO MUCH HAPPINESS AND CONFIDENCE in working out with you and all of the other girls at the studio. I love the space; I love that I feel confident right when I walk in. I want you to know what a true impact you have made in my life and my health! I am so thankful and so happy! <3
— Jess G, April 2019

Love this studio! Started going pre-pregnancy and I’m now 22 weeks, great workout for all bodies!!
— Marisa D, March 2019

City Barre is a very welcoming studio with a gorgeous interior and a friendly vibe. You immediately feel welcome when walking through the doors and can be guaranteed a great work out. I am typically a cardio gal, so I appreciate the full-body focus on engaging and enhancing muscle strength with small, isometric movements. Each class features a different combination of exercises and music - the variety is great. 10/10 every time.
— Joanna C, October 2018

I’ve been to several different barre studios and this by far has been my favorite. The class was challenging, and the space was just beautiful!
— Anonymous, December 2018

I love that there is such a variety of body types and fitness levels!! It’s such a positive place and I LOVE that!! You def have something special!! I’m so super thankful to have found barre and your studio!!
— Alyson B, April 2019

This is a beautiful studio space with high quality equipment and instruction. While parking is sometimes a challenge in Scott’s Addition, there is ample parking right around the studio. A great addition to the neighborhood!
— Emily M, November 2018

These classes are HARD! Expect to be challenged in a fun, encouraging environment.
— Anonymous, March 2019

Your classes are SO much better and the studio isn’t even comparable. Going to another studio is like staying at a Motel 6 when you’re used to a JW Marriott
— Sally L, September 2018

I have tried many different workouts/gyms and have never stuck with anything because I don’t enjoy them! Barre is the first workout I actually look forward to doing! City Barre classes are HARD but the girls here make class fun and a judgement free environment!
— Emily P, April 2019

If you’ve ever been curious about barre, I highly recommend City Barre! The staff and instructors are incredibly helpful and welcoming! Plus the place is adorable and legit smells wonderful!
— Anonymous, November 2018

I LOVE this studio. I’ve been to several barre studios over the years, and City Barre is by far my favorite. Gretchen, the owner, makes everyone feel welcome the moment they walk through the door. The space is beautiful - you’ll want to sit on the couch and grab a cup of coffee if you have time. The workouts are challenging. My favorite thing about City Barre is that the classes don’t follow the same ordered structure. Sure, you’ll definitely do thighs, seat, arms, and core in every class; however, they like changing up the order and the props so you don’t always know what’s coming next. If you’re looking for a workout that will make you shake and burn (in the best of ways) definitely try out a class at City Barre.
— Macy I, January 2019

It was my first ever barre class – the staff was welcoming, hands on, and encouraging throughout the class. There were plenty of modifications to make the workout just right for me and my beginner skills. Challenging workout, upbeat energy, and beautiful studio.
— Molly T, October 2018

The class was definitely intense. I thought the pacing of the movements and the intensity was a perfect pair. I didn’t know what was coming which made it equally scary but motivating.
— Gwynne T, April 2019

My favorite workout class in the city!!! Highly recommend for a fun full body working challenge.
— Anonymous, January 2019

I love these classes. They are so challenging, but you leave feeling so good about all you accomplished. No two classes have ever been the same, which is something I’ve never encountered with a studio class.
— DARCI P, April 2019

What a fabulous addition to Scott’s Addition and Richmond as a whole! Gretchen is an incredible instructor and her energy is infectious, making this challenging workout super fun and fast-paced. Great music selection, too! The studio is stunning, with attention to every tiny detail. So excited to make this a regular part of my exercise routine- and can’t wait for my next class!
— Caroline L, September 2018

Awesome class. It was my first group exercise class since having my baby. It was a challenge but so needed. Felt at home and comfortable here.
— Tia C, April 2019